Individual Community Living Supports (ICLS)

Our ICLS program is centered on helping individuals with developmental impairments, chronic mental illnesses, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) thrive in their communities. We work closely with clients to tailor support that aids in community integration, fosters independence, and enables them to achieve their unique goals.

In-Home Support w/o Training (IHS)

With our In-home Support services, we bring essential assistance right to the comfort of your home. Our caregivers provide support with daily activities, promoting self-sufficiency and empowering individuals to maintain their independence.

Night Supervision

Our Night Supervision service provides peace of mind to clients and their families by offering overnight monitoring and assistance as needed. This service ensures safety and support during the nighttime hours.

Personal Support

We recognize that each individual has unique needs and goals. Our Personal Support service offers personalized care plans tailored to specific requirements, enabling clients to achieve their objectives while receiving the necessary support.


Caring for a loved one with developmental impairments, mental illnesses, or TBI can be demanding. Our Respite service provides temporary relief and support to caregivers, allowing them to recharge and maintain their own well-being while ensuring their loved one’s continued care.


Loneliness and isolation can be challenging for individuals facing developmental impairments and mental health issues. Our Companion service offers not only companionship but also emotional support, ensuring that clients enjoy a higher quality of life and experience a sense of belonging.
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